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We specialize in delivering a thorough and accurate accounting of your business assets. This is an important step in the selling process. Our specialists accurately analyze a practice for valuation in order to determine fair market value. Get a Valuation

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DECIDE ON YOUR EXIT STRATEGY You have invested many years into building your practice. Selling your practice is a difficult decision for many people. If you can devise an exit strategy, then you can start looking for someone to help you execute the plan. Some dentists want to sell and retire quickly, while other want to continue to practice in their office for several years after transitioning ownership. It is critcal that you decide what your plan is to exit your practice. Also note that some buyers will prefer that the Seller stay at the practice for a while or may want to practice without the Seller. Please contact us and we will help you to decide what is the best exit strategy for you.
FIND OUT THE VALUE OF YOUR PRACTICE To begin the process, we will have one of our experts complete a formal and comprehensive valuation for your practice. Our valuations are highly detailed and analyze all aspects of your practice to determine its market value. They take into account your gross income, net income, and equipment value to get you the maximum sell price. It is important that you have a realistic knowledge of what you can expect to receive in the sale of your practice. We also need an accurate valuation so we can start finding buyers with the right budget. Get a Valuation
FIND A SUITABLE BUYER The final step, of course, will be finding a suitable buyer. We use our network of dentists and marketing tactics to find prospective buyers who are interested in your practice. Once qualified, we can schedule a time for them to come and see your practice in person. Most dentists want to remain anonymous so they hire a broker who can screen and juggle calls from prospective buyers who want to acquire about your practice. Confidentiality is of upmost importance to us. Your personal and practice information will never be shared with our buyers or be made public online. Negotiating with buyers is a very stressful process. Having an intermediary to assist will help you to continue to focus on dentistry all the way to the closing. We will handle all negotiations with the buyer and our financial and legal teams will prepare you and the buyer for the transition. Contact us for more information about planning an exit strategy or our valuations.

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