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If you are a dental business owner, you are probably aware that selling a dental practice is a complex and time-consuming process that should be guided by professionals. Dental practice valuation is the first step of the process. Our brokerage firm and sales team can help you reach potential buyers while earning a fair sale price for your practice.

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“I highly recommend US Dental Practices for selling dental offices. Their professional manner and their knowledge including how to properly negotiate the sale of my practice under difficult circumstances is why any dentist would use them. In addition, they were able to help transition ownership to the new dentist in the simplest possible way. US Dental Practices were always available for any questions or concerns that emerged.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance but we have closed deals in less than two months. If you are thinking of selling, remember that you may or may not want to stay and work as an associate for a period of time. You have nothing to lose by contacting us to discuss your individual situation today. We have told a fair share of potential sellers to wait and call us when they are ready.

95% percent of our sales are to young dentists Only a few of our sales were to a Dental Service Organization (DSO). Usually, the Seller is more comfortable meeting the person who will actually treat their patients after the sale. With a DSO, who knows whose hands the patients will be in? However, a select few may prefer working as an associate for an extended period of time rather than run a practice on their own.If long-term employment as an associate is your top priority, a DSO may be a better option so you won’t have to worry about the new owner potentially terminating your employment. It really depends on the seller’s preferences.

We have relationships with many banks who have specialists in dental practice acquisitions. They tell us that student debt does not disqualify a young dentist from getting 100% financing to acquire a practice. We pre-qualify all our buyers with bankers to be sure. But as stated previously, 95% of our sales have been to individual dentists, many of whom have recently graduated with tremendous student debt.

It is best to speak to your accountant about your tax situation. But generally, the allocation of the purchase price is usually 85% goodwill, which is usually long-term capital gains, but not always. About 10% is equipment and 5% is restrictive covenant. These percentages are subject to negotiation, so check with your accountant in advance for professional advice.

You should generally not contact your landlord until the attorneys are pretty far along on the Asset Purchase Agreement for your practice.

Consulting attorneys with experience in dental practice acquisition is very important to us. We equate it with a general practitioner trying to take out a horizontally impacted 3rd molar for the first time rather than refer to an oral surgeon who has done it many times. This concept also applies to dental practice acquisitions.

We have structured long-term employment contracts for dentists who want to continue doing dentistry for many years. We have also had dentists sell and never work in the practice another day. Let us know which way is best and we will find the right buyer for you.

This is a very personal decision. Most sellers choose to wait until the sale is complete before telling their staff. We usually visit practices on days the office is closed or before and after business hours. Our agents are fine with late-night and weekend appointments, as well as the occasional pre-open appointment. Some sellers want staff input in approving the potential buyer. We always respect the wishes of the seller, as they are our client.

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