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US Dental Practices is a leading dental practice brokerage firm. If you are considering buying, selling, or valuing a practice, our team is here to help and guide you through dental practice transitions. Our expert brokers have extensive knowledge to help dentists make educated decisions throughout all stages of their careers.

No buyer fees, ever.

We know that buying a practice is a big decision for most people. There are many expenses you will incur before making it to the closing table. That's why we choose to never charge buyers any commission. Instead, we work exclusively for the seller to not put any extra financial burden on our buyers.

We have dental practices available in many areas, such as NYC, NJ, FL, CT, and more. Use our search tool to discover our opportunities for dental practice acquisition.

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“Joe and Bill are the best. True professionals that are extremely effective at servicing clients needs and getting deals done quickly. I highly recommend their services.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients are our sellers. The buyers, who we never charge, are strictly our customers. Many brokers in the NY Metro area are charging the buyers AND the sellers. Those brokers are dual agents with only themselves as clients. We believe that maintaining a fiduciary responsibility to the Seller is of utmost importance in representing their best interests.

US Dental Practices uses its network to assist licensed real-estate salespeople in NY, NJ, CT and FL to help dentists, landlords and management companies find tenants for their dental office spaces. We also assist in finding buyers for condos, co-ops and buildings that have dental offices or are suitable for construction of a dental office.

US Dental Practices has several practice brokers who are licensed real estate salespersons in their state. We also work with professionals from local real estate offices to co-broke and find buyers. Sometimes, dividing up the real estate from the practice is the fastest way to a sale. We have relocated many practices so we could sell the property to anyone, and we got the deals done faster than waiting for the one-in-a-million buyer who wanted to buy both real estate and the practice.

US Dental Practice's representatives are working for — and paid by — the property owners.Tenants and Buyers are never charged a fee at US Dental Practices. Actually the real estate salesperson's real estate broker is paid by the property owner and the salespeople are paid by the real-estate broker. We have salespeople in NY, NJ, CT and FL, all of which are licensed under a different Broker.

For a specialty practice with time for hits and misses, this is a viable plan if you have a few years for the misses. For a GP practice, it's a waste 95% of the time — and you can’t afford to waste years on an associate who turns into a dead end. If the associate was ready to buy, they would be shopping for a practice to buy and not an associateship. The inverse applies to them. They could work as an associate for years and the owner might not sell

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