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Dental Practice Valuations to Determine Your Practices' Worth

Wondering how much you could earn by selling a dental practice? Our valuation method will provide you with a fair market value for your office. Trust our experts to guide you through the process. Get a dental practice appraisal in less than 5 minutes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every practice is unique in many ways. For a generalized valuation, you can use our free tool and get a ballpark idea of the value. However, for a more accurate and true appraisal, we would need to look through your financial information to identify discretionary expenses that we can add back to the net income on your returns. We also look at the condition of your office facility and equipment. Once all of this is done, we can then come up with an appraisal that a potential buyer can take to a bank to get the practice acquisition financed.

Having an appraisal done will help you in case of a flood or fire. It is also good to have it prepared in advance in case anything unforeseen happens to you suddenly and there is no one there to assist in preparing the appraisal. Having it as a part of your documents is good insurance. It also helps you to see how you compete against other practices when the time comes to sell. Upgrading or modernizing your practice may be more valuable than you realize.

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